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Rye Purvis

Rye Purvis moved to San Francisco from New Mexico in 2007. She received a BFA in Painting from SFAI in 2011. Using painting, sculpture, video, and fabric, Rye’s work is an offhand commentary on the idealism and objectification of females in media, advertisement, and history. Rye has shown work this past year in Guerrero Gallery and Luggage Store Gallery.

Luke Pelletier

Luke Pelletier grew up in a small tourist town in North Carolina. He’s currently living and working in Chicago, IL. Luke makes art that weaves through personal anecdotes, nostalgia, ambitions, and future plans. He uses dark humor to create scenes of paradise that are simultaneously pristine and decaying.

Pat Falco

Pat Falco is the self-proclaimed “Master of Light and Shadow” and regarded by many of today’s finest art critics as “Who?”

Michelle Guintu

Michelle Guintu was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2006, she graduated from California State University East Bay with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting. Since then she has exhibited in many shows. She plays with a little of everything, from sewing cigarettes together, to McDonald’s paper mache dolls, to her most recent tempera paintings of hip hop artists. Her work was once described as “kindercore” : part kindergarten part hardcore. Guintu uses references from her teenage years in a somewhat low-budget assemblage of sorts. Her work takes on a shrine like quality—embracing the past in a nostalgic reverence. Currently she lives and works in San Francisco, she had her first solo show at New Image Art in 2013.

Yarrow Slaps

Yarrow Slaps is a figurative artist and rapper based in San Francisco, California. Yarrow has an incredibly distinct style that is defined by how he illustrates his characters in a way that is expressive to the extent that it conveys their inner self. To keep the main focus on the characters, his backgrounds are often just a single color. However this does not mean the backgrounds are unimportant, in fact they play an integral part in setting the mood of his works. Many of the characters in his paintings are icons of culture, these have included: Andy Warhol, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, & Spike Lee. While these icons tend to be portrayed as otherworldly and godlike by the media, Yarrow grounds them in reality and thus makes them seem like regular people, complete with human emotions and problems, just like everyone else. Some artists that have inspired Yarrow’s work include William Johnson, Basquiat, Clare Rojas, & Pieter Bruegel. 

Mario Ayala

Mario Ayala is an artist that currently resides in Oakland and recently graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute. He is known for his highly symbolic and captivating artwork, which often conveys his perspective on topics that range from American capitalism to our media consumption. To do this, Mario uses painting and various other mediums that have included everything from a cockroach diorama to a handmade bird’s nest. Mario is incredibly wise and his artwork communicates this, he doesn’t shelter himself and has a wide array of influences that include Jazz, Santeria, James Bond, skateboarding, Peruvian Shamanism, and most importantly his hard-working father. Mario is also an integral member of The Lost Bros art crew, which hinges on the figurative concept of staying lost. Lately Mario has been focusing his attention on gallery shows, album artwork, screen printing, and murals. All in all, Mario Ayala is an amazing artist that continues to keep on getting better and better. Be sure to keep him on your art radar and look out for whatever he has coming next.

Morten Andersen

Morten Andersen is an artist from Aalborg, Denmark that currently resides in Berlin, Germany. He started doing graffiti at the young age of 16 & ten years later he ventured into the world of fine arts by moving on to primarily making canvas based works. Making this more impressive is the fact that he was completely self-taught. Morten uses his impeccable sensibilities, incredible technical talent, and strong impulses to craft his bold and eye-catching artwork. His artwork is defined by its constant sense of movement, its many different striking colors, and its plethora of 2-d & 3-D abstract shapes and forms. Thus, taking a look at one of Morten’s paintings feels like you’re taking a glimpse into the 5th dimension. It’s sort of like cubism in the style of street art. Morten’s art is an astonishing experience to view in person & I highly recommend that you do so if you ever have the chance.

Justin Hager

Justin Hager is an artist from Bakersfield, CA that currently resides in New York, NY. Justin is best known for his pun-filled mashups of pop culture icons. These paintings serve as parodies of pop culture and point out just how absurd pop culture is in the first place. In his spare time, Justin enjoys DJing and skateboarding. Artists that influence him include Daniel Johnston, Jean-Michael Basquiat, Mark Gonzales, Wesley Willis, & Raymond Pettibon. Lately, Justin has been trying to make art without putting the punchline above the imagery, so that people can figure out the joke on their own and come to their own conclusions. All in all, Justin Hager is an awesome artist on the rise that continues to keep on getting better and better.